Sonntag, 24. August 2008

Me and my mother Luna

Me and my father Chili

Me and my new friend.At this moment I`m 6 weeks old and I have a weight of 500 gr.

At home in Portugal

Mmmh my milk

Babies have to sleep a lot

But after my sleep i´m very active

This is in the car from our way from Portugal to my new home in Luxembourg

My prefered place in the car

Sleeping ...

Sleeping ...

and again sleeping :-)

August 2008

Arrived in Luxembourg I`m 3 months old and I have a weight of 1,5 kg.
I`m on the way of getting a big cat :-))

Here you can see me searching for food

Relaxing a bit

My prefered place on the kitchen table

Here you can see me sleeping on the sofa with my new friend a Yorkshire Terrier named Tara.
I never go anywhere without her.We both are also sleeping at night in the bed of our ´´parents``.

Here I`m preparing for an attack at my friend Tara

I`m yet smaller than my friend,but this will change in a few months ;-)

I`m taking already someone elses place,I will show them who is the king


goooooood girl hat gesagt…

Very fine......

Our Family hat gesagt…

He really turned out a gorgeous cat, congrats and good-luck:)